Boiler repairs in South London

Regular boiler maintenance and servicing is important especially before winter sets in

We are Gas Safe engineers, and we are experienced in repairing and maintaining boiler repairs for Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and Glowworm to name but a few. We can handle any issues you might have with your central heating.

We take safety extremely seriously, particularly when it comes to any gas heating equipment. To ensure that your combi boilers and other gas devices are functioning properly and safely, you should have them serviced annually by skilled heating engineers.

Most manufacturers require an annual service to protect their warranties, and it’s critical that your appliances function efficiently especially as our heating bills continue to climb and we’re being encouraged to use fuel more sparingly.

Boiler repairs and servicing

There can be several reasons why your boiler is not working well. You may be finding that the heat does not travel to where you want it, or your radiators may not be getting hot enough.

Boiler service

These faults can be due to trapped air, a faulty radiator valve or sludge in the system. It could also be down to low steam pressure or a leak in the central heating system or air vent. Boilers frequently lose pressure or switch off. With older combi boilers, it could be a pilot light problem.

Modern boilers don’t have pilot lights. If your light continues to go out with an older-style boiler, it may be because of a broken thermocouple, gas valve, air seal, or gas valve.

When we undertake boiler services, we can bleed your radiators and free valves on request. This will ensure that your heating system functions properly and provides you with peace of mind.

If you would like us to advise you annually when your boiler requires a service we are happy to send you a reminder notice or call you. As a family business, you can be assured the request will come from us and not from a call centre or other company.

Our gas engineers are Gas Safe certified.

Any gas appliance must be serviced by a qualified engineer, since working with gas requires training, skills, and experience. If an engineer shows up to service your boiler without the appropriate qualifications, you and your property may be in serious danger.

For more information on Gas Safe visit their website.

Feel free to contact us for more information on central heating boiler service contracts or new installations in London.

High-efficiency boilers from Glow-worm that won’t cost the earth

Replacing your existing boiler and upgrading to a more energy-efficient model

Most families haven’t thought about the kind of boiler they need to install if their existing boiler is still working. However, with the energy crisis and the cost of fuel and gas rising ever higher in the autumn, now is an excellent time to consider upgrading.

Combi boilers are now both compact and energy-efficient

All the top boiler manufacturers offer a choice of combi boilers, and they can make a massive difference in providing hot water on demand and giving you more space in your home.


Consider all your options. If your existing boiler is letting you down, consider whether you still need an immersion heater and hot water tank? A combi boiler, for example, will provide hot water without needing a hot or cold-water tank. Instant hot water the minute you turn on the tap as your boiler will fire up and heat the water through the pipes.

Glow-worm offers a good choice of combi boilers, and we can offer up to 10-year guarantees

Glow-worm has been around for years and is a trusted manufacturer of high-efficiency boilers, and they are one of the most reasonably priced in today’s market. So if you need some help choosing your boiler, pick up the phone, and we will discuss the possibilities and provide you with a competitive quote.

Glow-worms list of boilers.

Kemco Plumbing and Heating are Gas Safe Engineers registered number 553975.

Is there a difference between Glow-worm and Vaillant boilers?

Glow-worm was acquired by the Vaillant Group back in 2001. Vaillant is Europe’s second-largest heating company, and Kemco Plumbing and Heating are Advanced installers for Vaillant. This accreditation entitles home-owners to an extended warranty on selected models.

While Vaillant is a leading manufacturer, Glow-worm boilers are more affordable, and there is no compromise on reliability. The difference is that Vaillant has a Quiet Mark accreditation and uses a stainless-steel heat exchanger instead of an aluminium one. However, you can’t find much better budget-friendly options than Glow-worm.

On comparison sites such as Vaillant, ecoTEC Pro Combi boilers are more efficient, but you are paying more in the first instance. However, we can price up both makes for you, and you can make a choice.

We are a local business and install across the London boroughs of Clapham, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster.

Once your Vaillant boiler has been installed we will register your boiler to ensure our clients are guaranteed.

Ensure you service your new boiler annually to validate your guarantee.

Some homeowners think it is a waste of time servicing a boiler which is working well. However, a service will keep your boiler operating efficiently, and when costs are rising as they are, the more efficient your boiler works, the cheaper it will be to run.

Keep your boiler in top condition to ensure your heating and hot water works perfectly and avoid any long-term issues.

Remember, you also need to have your boiler serviced to keep your manufacturers guarantee.

Having your boiler serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines makes perfect sense.

Landlords – did you know you are legally obliged to service your tenants gas appliances?

If you are the landlord of a property, it is your legal obligation to service any gas appliances under the Landlord and Tenant Act (1985).  

Summer is the best time to change your boiler or have it serviced. 

The summer is a great time to upgrade your boiler and ensure it is serviced before the autumn. Give us a call on 020 3196 1963, and we can give you a quote. Alternatively, contact us through our contact form.

Our experienced engineer can make an appointment to visit your home and look at your existing system. Our gas-safe engineer can talk you through different boiler options, makes and models, their efficiency ratings and what would best suit your home.

Our gas fitters and engineers cover Clapham, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster, and we are a local plumbing and heating business.

Now is a good time to get your boiler serviced

Service your boiler now or during the summer months, while the weather is warm, will ensure it is in good working order for when you need it.

Having your boiler serviced is significantly cheaper than paying for an expensive repair bill in the winter. It’s always better to know now if there is a problem than when you really need it to work, and our Gas Safe Engineers can do that for you to avoid a cold home when it’s freezing cold.

Kemco Plumbing and Heating are Which? Trusted Traders, which means we have been vetted to give you an excellent service.

What are the signs you need a boiler service?

boiler service

Radiators take a long time to heat up

This might mean that you have a sludge build-up in the heating system, and it ultimately makes your heating bills more expensive.

Bad smells

Does your boiler give off a bad smell? If it does, this could be a sign of a problem. A boiler that works well does not emit any odours. We advise booking an engineer to investigate this problem before it gets worse.

Strange noises

Does your boiler make a strange noise when it is firing up? You would normally hear a steady hum, but if there are clanking sounds, switch off the boiler and give us a call.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? They are crucial, but we still know people that haven’t got one. Here’s Which’s Best Buys

Thermostat settings

From time to time, check on your thermostat. For example, your hot water could be working fine, but if you turned down your thermostat because the radiators were hot, you might have forgotten to turn it up again, and this could be a reason your radiators are cold.

How often should you service your boiler?

If you don’t have your boiler serviced annually, it will invalidate the warranty, and the overall evidence is to get a service once a year to reduce the chances of it breaking down. 

According to Which? nearly 7 out of 10 boiler owners who have a yearly service have never had their boiler breakdown. Of course, it’s not a guarantee, but it makes sound sense.

What do we include with a boiler service?

  • We check the external and internal flue
  • We check the safety devices in the boiler
  • We check all the main parts – burner, heat exchanger, spark/sensor probe
  • We ensure the boiler fires up to discount any other faults.

At the end of the service, we will give you a report, and the engineer will explain what he has done.

We charge from £80 plus vat for a boiler service – this is our Monday to Friday (8 am-5 pm) fixed rate.

If you require a central heating flush, prices start at £350 + vat but see our plumbing-prices page for further details for larger homes.

What is a MagnaClean Filter?

If you know anything at all about your boiler’s pipework, you will know that over time any rust, sludge or debris can collect in the water that is circulating through the system. The sludge builds up and reduces the efficiency of your heating system and this is where a MagnaClean Filter can prove very beneficial.

MagnaClean is made by ADEY, who have products installed in millions of homes across the UK. Their MagnaClean products are manufactured in different sizes for different sized heating systems, for example, the Professional 2, the Micro2 and the TwinTech.

MagnaClean Professional Filter

Where is the MagnaClean installed

The MagnaClean is fitted to your central heating system return pipework as close to the boiler as possible. This is so that the water passing through it will have circulated through the whole system at this point.

What are the benefits of installing a MagnaClean?

There are massive benefits. Here are just a few:

It increases the life of your heating system

It makes the system run more efficiently

Radiators warm up quicker

It reduces the risk of a breakdown

The difference between a MagnaClean and a MagnaCleanse

A MagnaCleanse is not permanent. Our engineer will fit a MagnaCleanse temporarily to clean up any debris in the system. Engineers will hold an agitator (VibraClean) up against the outside of a radiator for up to 30 seconds which loosens up the deposit so that it flows around to the MagnaCleanse and can then be disposed of.

A MagnaClean will go on working all the time your system is operating, collecting the debris and sludge and storing it in its magnetic filter system.

When should you install a MagnaClean

If you don’t have one, they can be fitted at any time as it certainly prolongs the life of your system.

Particularly, if you are having a new boiler fitted, then a MagnaClean magnetic filter is very beneficial and will prevent any blockages from the first moment your new boiler starts running.

Some of our recent boiler installations have included the new MagnaClean Professional3 Sense. This allows us to monitor our customers heating systems remotely and lets us know through a Home Zone system how the levels of sludge are building up. Fitting a MagnaClean is reassuring for the client and helps us treat problems before they occur.

If you’d like to know more about MagnaClean and installation, please give us a ring or get in touch.