Boiler repairs in South London

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Boiler repairs in South London

Regular boiler maintenance and servicing is important especially before winter sets in

We are Gas Safe engineers, and we are experienced in repairing and maintaining boiler repairs for Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and Glowworm to name but a few. We can handle any issues you might have with your central heating.

We take safety extremely seriously, particularly when it comes to any gas heating equipment. To ensure that your combi boilers and other gas devices are functioning properly and safely, you should have them serviced annually by skilled heating engineers.

Most manufacturers require an annual service to protect their warranties, and it’s critical that your appliances function efficiently especially as our heating bills continue to climb and we’re being encouraged to use fuel more sparingly.

Boiler repairs and servicing

There can be several reasons why your boiler is not working well. You may be finding that the heat does not travel to where you want it, or your radiators may not be getting hot enough.

Boiler service

These faults can be due to trapped air, a faulty radiator valve or sludge in the system. It could also be down to low steam pressure or a leak in the central heating system or air vent. Boilers frequently lose pressure or switch off. With older combi boilers, it could be a pilot light problem.

Modern boilers don’t have pilot lights. If your light continues to go out with an older-style boiler, it may be because of a broken thermocouple, gas valve, air seal, or gas valve.

When we undertake boiler services, we can bleed your radiators and free valves on request. This will ensure that your heating system functions properly and provides you with peace of mind.

If you would like us to advise you annually when your boiler requires a service we are happy to send you a reminder notice or call you. As a family business, you can be assured the request will come from us and not from a call centre or other company.

Our gas engineers are Gas Safe certified.

Any gas appliance must be serviced by a qualified engineer, since working with gas requires training, skills, and experience. If an engineer shows up to service your boiler without the appropriate qualifications, you and your property may be in serious danger.

For more information on Gas Safe visit their website.

Feel free to contact us for more information on central heating boiler service contracts or new installations in London.


If you would like us to quote you for a new boiler, we will assess your current central heating system and provide you with the best options dependent upon the size of your property, number of radiators and your current energy efficiency.

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