What is a MagnaClean Filter?

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What is a MagnaClean Filter?

If you know anything at all about your boiler’s pipework, you will know that over time any rust, sludge or debris can collect in the water that is circulating through the system. The sludge builds up and reduces the efficiency of your heating system and this is where a MagnaClean Filter can prove very beneficial.

MagnaClean is made by ADEY, who have products installed in millions of homes across the UK. Their MagnaClean products are manufactured in different sizes for different sized heating systems, for example, the Professional 2, the Micro2 and the TwinTech.

MagnaClean Professional Filter

Where is the MagnaClean installed

The MagnaClean is fitted to your central heating system return pipework as close to the boiler as possible. This is so that the water passing through it will have circulated through the whole system at this point.

What are the benefits of installing a MagnaClean?

There are massive benefits. Here are just a few:

It increases the life of your heating system

It makes the system run more efficiently

Radiators warm up quicker

It reduces the risk of a breakdown

The difference between a MagnaClean and a MagnaCleanse

A MagnaCleanse is not permanent. Our engineer will fit a MagnaCleanse temporarily to clean up any debris in the system. Engineers will hold an agitator (VibraClean) up against the outside of a radiator for up to 30 seconds which loosens up the deposit so that it flows around to the MagnaCleanse and can then be disposed of.

A MagnaClean will go on working all the time your system is operating, collecting the debris and sludge and storing it in its magnetic filter system.

When should you install a MagnaClean

If you don’t have one, they can be fitted at any time as it certainly prolongs the life of your system.

Particularly, if you are having a new boiler fitted, then a MagnaClean magnetic filter is very beneficial and will prevent any blockages from the first moment your new boiler starts running.

Some of our recent boiler installations have included the new MagnaClean Professional3 Sense. This allows us to monitor our customers heating systems remotely and lets us know through a Home Zone system how the levels of sludge are building up. Fitting a MagnaClean is reassuring for the client and helps us treat problems before they occur.

If you’d like to know more about MagnaClean and installation, please give us a ring or get in touch.


If you would like us to quote you for a new boiler, we will assess your current central heating system and provide you with the best options dependent upon the size of your property, number of radiators and your current energy efficiency.

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