What’s new this spring when it comes to bathrooms?

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What’s new this spring when it comes to bathrooms?

If you are looking at revamping your bathroom this year, the new bathroom designs reflect on space as a haven in which to escape and relax.

Beautiful bathroom designs for 2018

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom or even a spare bedroom that you could turn into a spacious new bathroom, this would be an ideal solution. Alternatively, you can use design and colour to give the illusion of more space with large tile flooring and strategically placed mirrors.

Nothing feels more luxurious than a freestanding bath. It is a superb way to make a statement and to add a dynamic focal point to your new bathroom. Do consider that if you are going to site your bath in the centre of your new bathroom, you will almost certainly need to budget for new pipes.

Another way to indulge the senses is to fit a whirlpool bath. Specially fitted jets can improve a long list of aches and pains from circulation problems to joint relief and sore muscles after your favourite exercise leaves you needing more than just a relaxing soak.

So what do you choose when it comes to style?

Are you thinking traditional to go with a Victorian or Georgian styled home or contemporary?

The traditional classic tubs of yesteryear are popular with either claw or dragon feet and add a definite vintage appeal which can be matched with more conventional fixtures.

On the other hand, a contemporary bath with its angular lines and less conventional shape can make your bathroom a real talking point. Add modern bathroom fixtures such as a square sink basin and minimalist taps such as a waterfall or chrome mixer and you will become the envy of your neighbours.

Shower baths are practical and space-saving

Not everyone is blessed with space so do consider a ‘back to wall’ shower bath which will fit close to a wall to maximise space. Alternatively, an L-shaped bath is a good solution for combining both shower and bath space as is a P-Shaped bath providing that extra space at one end for family members who prefer to shower rather than bath. Some examples of the shower baths that we install can be seen here.

Mix materials, colours and textures

Granite is out, and quartz is in, and it is available in many different hues, surfaces and patterns. Quartz will work on your floors, counters, vanities and walls – not only is it environmentally friendly but it has a slightly lower price tag than granite.

When it comes to choosing a sink, porcelain is taking a back seat, and hand-carved stone is the preferred material for 2018.

Bold brass hardware is also making a return emitting warm tones and complementing some new spring paint colours.

Industrial is becoming the new trend

The influence of trendy industrial loft conversions is transferring to a new bathroom trend with exposed pipes, metal tubs and sinks, use of concrete and raw brick walls. This is not everyone’s ideal image of a relaxing and indulgent space but it is purposeful and a trend we feel is sure to continue in the right properties and for fashionistas in home improvements.

Lighting and technology becomes a strong element of bathroom design

Just remember that technology is accessible to everyone nowadays so don’t neglect it when planning your inner sanctuary. Consider fitting hi-tech shower jets and controls, motion-detecting lights, speakers that are voice activated and led mirrors that demist by sensor control.

These are just a few of the latest innovations that we can install when planning your new bathroom refit.

If you are looking for further inspiration, let us guide you to a few more ideas as mentioned in Ideal Home last month. If you see something you like, we can install any make or model of your choice as long as it is the right size to fit your room and … that is where we can come into our own. If you would like to use the services of our creative designer, just fill out our enquiry form or ring us for more details on 020 3196 1963 to make a splash in 2018.


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